The Best Popcorn Kernels for Making The Perfect Popcorn for 2020

kernels for popcorn

Having the opportunity to eat popcorn at home which taste delightful and pop well sometimes is a hard job to maintain.

Many people prefer the method of using an air popper to make popcorn, but there are still ones who go for the hot oil on the stove.

The easiest way to make popcorn is in the microwave, when you don’t have time or you are not sure if your kernels will come up successfully. After some failures, the thought of research kicked in and we decided to look into some products which are the best for this hard enterprise.

We are happy to let you know that this research saved us a lot of money, as we found out which kernels are best for the purpose. We decided to share this, just because we had a lot of headaches trying to figure out what was wrong.

We present you with our guide to finding the best popcorn kernels for making homemade popcorn!


Kernels for Using Hot Air Poppers to Make Popcorn

The method here is a bit specific. The machine’s plastic or metal housing blows hot air through drillings in the cubicle where the popcorn are.

The kernels start moving around as they get heated.

When the heat reaches the requisite heights, the kernel pops open.

After every popped kernel, the cubicle fills. As soon as most of the kernel are popped, they are pushed out of the machine’s furrow owing to the hot air’s actions.

The end product will be a healthier snack as the method does not require the use of any oil.

But this should not stop you from seasoning the flavorless popcorns. Very often we use powdered spice, so it requires using cooking spray to make it stick to the kernels.

The disadvantage of this method is in the fact that the number of the unpopped kernels could be increased.


Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Kernel Jug

This brand is famous among the consumers with their yellow, round kernels. It is a nice choice for users who eat popcorn frequently, because this is a large jug of popcorn.

For buyers who eat popcorn once in a while it is not an option, as the product will get stale before you finish the whole jug. The ready kernels look fluffy and light and have interesting size and shape.

In our opinion this kind of popcorn works best with DIY microwave bags or in hot oil. Just keep in mind that there could be many unpopped kernels.


  • Pouring those kernels into the container for popping is easy task.
  • The container is practical and easy to store.
  • There is no GMO found in the product and it was grown without the use of any pesticides.
  • To the popped kernels, the hulls stay attached.


  • Not all the kernels when popped open all the way.
  • Some people could find the jar inconvenient to store.
  • The product will get stale before you finish the whole jug if you don’t use them often.


Bob’s Red Mill Whole White Popcorn

Their shape is drawn-out. The popped kernels are bright white, as well as the hulls.

There are going to be less kernels left unpopped, whereas if put in heated oil around 20% of the kernels did not pop.


  • The texture of the popcorn is fluffy and seems that there aren’t any chewy spots.
  • In the hot air popper you are going to receive better results.


  • I offer you using separate container as the plastic bag that holds the kernels is flimsy and easy to tear.
  • If you don’t make a tiny hole into the plastic bag, the kernels would be hard to pour out.
  • Part of the kernels are not going to pop with the hot oil method.


Wabash Valley Farms Country Gourmet Popcorn

Their shape is rounded, as it comes in handy when you are considering the DIY microwaving method or to pop on the stove.

The kernels are seasoned with coconut oil and herbs. There is no trans or cholesterol contained in the kernels.

The package is massive – 6 – pound bags, which is not an option is you don’t use them at once. But it is perfect for making large quantities of popcorn.

This type of kernel is not meant for a hot air popper, due to the oil that is being included.


  • There aren’t any chewy or greasy spots.
  • You will not have to guess how much seasoning to use, as it is already included.


  • This may not be your best option, if you do not like coconut oil.
  • To some people the finished popcorn may taste too salty.
  • Any margarine or butter cannot stick well to the popped kernels.
  • The kernels might go stale, or would be difficult to store if you do not make the entire bag at once.


Country Harvest Popcorn Portion Pack of 40

We find this product charming as it comes in pre-measured servings. This kernel has a coloration of the yellow of the hull. It will grow to a large size if you cook them in oil on the stove.

The size of most of the kernels is a quarter in diameter.


  • When prepared in olive oil, the popcorn has a high level of crunchiness and a medium density.
  • When using the hot oil stovetop method of cooking, nearly all of the kernels are going to pop.


  • When using oil there are more unpopped kernels other than when olive oil on the stovetop is used.
  • Compared with other types of popcorn, those go a bit on the pricey side.
  • The plastic bag that the popcorn comes in can be difficult to handle.


Paragon Bulk Yellow Popcorn

This popcorn kernels comes in a huge package bag – 12,5 pounds and the substance should be moved to different container for storage purposes after opening.

The color of the kernels is yellow.

When popping them in a microwave you will be very satisfied.

The same thing applies if you want to pop them on a stove.

But popping with hot air popper is not so good and many of the kernels probably won’t pop at all and they can be a little dry and not so tasty.

If you decide to cook the kernels with oil or butter, you can expect sweet and nutty taste which is great.

The size of one popcorn is around a nickel to a quarter in diameter department.


  • Every single kernel can be coated good with seasonings of your taste because they pop well.
  • Popping the kernels in small quantities can result a better popcorn.
  • The kernels can hold the butter without getting soggy and mushy.


  • The bag is quite big and you can find difficult to handle it or store in it the kernels after opening.
  • You won’t get many unpopped kernels, but the quantity might be bigger if you do a bigger batches.
  • The kernels can stale quickly if you don’t store them properly.