The Best Pregnancy Pillows – Buyer’s Guide and Recommendations for 2018

best pregnancy pillows

Being pregnant is something great for every woman and the joy can’t even be described it has to be liven. But every pregnancy has its share of joys, but also challenges for the future mother.

One of them is the good night’s sleep which can be disrupted if the woman can’t find a nice and comfortable position. A pregnancy pillow or even a full body pillow is to be considered as they can be in a lot of help in these situations.

After all they are made for one reason – to help the pregnant women around the globe to feel comfortable while resting and to sleep well. This is because with the progress of the pregnancy the womb is growing and the uterus expands to be able to accommodate the baby and this causes a lot of discomfort for the woman.

But as we mentioned, a pregnancy pillow can solve most of the problems with the discomfort. But there is different pillow in shape or size and you might not know which one to pick.

This is why we are going to present to your attention some of the best pregnancy pillows that can currently be found on the market.


Today’s Mom Cozy Comfort

This is great maternity pillow that can be used from every future mom.

It will provide you with the desired restful and relaxing sleep.

Nothing is going to cause discomfort to your anymore, because this pillow has a curved shape for best body support. Your shoulders and back would feel better when you start using it.

The pillow is also great if you want to rest on your tummy, because it will give good belly support.

This will make you and your baby to feel nice and comfortable.

The head rest is square and resembles with a regular pillow. This product has a nice and soft cover with zipper that can be easily removed and washed in a washing machine.

It is made from fifty percent polyester and fifty percent pure cotton.

This pillow cushions really nice the back and can be used after giving birth to keep the baby’s head well supported while you are nursing it. This is a product that serves as a cradle for the whole body, keeping it comfortable and in the right position.

The dimensions of the pillow are 56 by 9 by 32 inches.


  • Great support for the whole body
  • Soft and cushy
  • Machine washable cover with zipper
  • Comfortable


  • Kind of big
  • Takes a lot of space


Naomi Home Cozy

This great pillow is made in a unique way – it doesn’t deflate after some use, which is typical for the most pillows.

It is exceptionally thick and the filling is just the right amount to give you that sensational feeling of not too stiff, but not too soft pillow.

The top of it is square to give you the feeling that you are using traditional pillow. This way also your head, shoulders and back would have great support and will be properly aligned with the body. The inner contour of this pillow will provide your back and belly with good and gentle support.

The lower ends of the pillow have inner and extended curvature that will help you remove the stress from your body and muscles while placing it between your legs down from the knees.

The cover is made from pure cotton and has a zipper. It can be removed easily and be washed in a washing machine.

This pillow has a unique structure that will give you maximum comfort.

You can even use it after giving birth to nurse your baby.


  • Unique design
  • Versatile
  • Doesn’t deflate
  • Comfortable
  • Gives great support for the whole body
  • Can be used for nursing


  • Slightly big
  • Might be one idea stiffer than most pillows


Meiz Full Body

This full body pillow has polyester filling and pure cotton cover.

The filling is just the right amount so you won’t feel the pillow too firm or too soft.

The great U-shape and the nice inner convex contours fit naturally the body curves for the best comfort. This way the pillow can be used even in side-lying position, because it provides great support for the whole body – head, shoulders, neck, back and belly.

You can additionally place one of the lower pillow ends between your knees to maintain the body alignment to reduce the stress on the muscles.

When you lie on the side you won’t worry about the belly weight being compressing the blood vessels, so you get better blood circulation for you and your baby. You can also use the pillow to elevate your legs on desired level to be more comfortable while watching TV or reading something. The upper end of the pillow can be used for good support on the back.


  • Full body pillow
  • Great U-shape
  • Gives support for the whole body


  • It is very big
  • Takes a lot of space


Leachco Snoogle

This is one of the most popular body pillows, preferred by a lot of pregnant women.

This product is kind of equal to multiple pillows in terms of providing comfort and relax to the entire body. The design is done by a registered nurse with children, which definitely understands what pregnant women goes through and what they need.

This full-body pillow ( if you want to check some of the best regular full-body pillows click here ) is great choice for both expecting and nursing mothers.

It will provide you with great support and with it you will forget about the pain in the lower back.

When you lie on the pillow it takes your body shape and will keep it in comfortable position for you to rest and sleep. You can tuck it even between your knees which will help you control your body temperature and will support your back.

The pillow can support your head too which will help you prevent some heartburns and acid reflux. The cover is removable and machine washable.

The dimensions of the pillow are 58.8 by 25.5 by 7.8 inches.


  • Full body support
  • Best-selling product
  • Versatile
  • Removable and washable cover


  • Very big in size
  • Takes a lot of place