The Best Premium Home Teeth Whitening kits Recommendations for 2020

home whitening kit

We are all willing to have that Hollywood smile.

Our teeth are one of the first things that make an impression when you meet someone.

You can get nice results and white teeth even when you are at home, relaxing on the couch after long day of work. We all deserve to look and feel amazing, so why not boost our self-confidence, if not with good quality kits, which will make us wide smiling.

Here are top 10 most highly rated and appreciated sets for teeth whitening at home.


Plus + White Ultra 5 Minute Whitening System

This is one of the cheapest alternatives when it comes to whitening your teeth.

It has been around for years now and it is very popular product. For its short duration, it gives you amazing results. Although the results are remarkable, the gums might start burning, as you use this kit.

If you do not use it frequently, you won’t have any problems. The set contains a tube of gel, which will whiten your teeth way before it finishes.


Crest 3D White Whitestrips Gentle Routine

If you have sensitive teeth or gums, this product is the one you should purchase. It is made exclusively for such problems.

This is a great option, as this model reduces the burning sensation. Now you can use whitening gels, without any concern. The whole procedure lasts 30 minutes, as all you have to do is to place the strip in the upper and lower teeth.

The kit includes 14 pairs of strips- one for the upper and one for the lower tooth.


At Home Professional Teeth Whitening Kit

Now you can whiten your teeth without spending hundreds for expensive procedures and doctors.

If you want nice results, which will stay after a period of time, we recommend you to use it on a daily basis and longer and not to consume any cigs, tea or coffee. You don’t have to worry about the burning sensation in the gums, which you will feel, it will diminish shortly after using it.


Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit

The whitening process here is a bit longer, but you can still do it every day if you have enough time. The product uses similar composition to what almost every dentist uses for a whitening process, which is a huge plus here.

This kit prevents the painful damage to the gums. Last, but not least, the biggest advantage here is that you can purchase this product for very modest price.


Sheer White’s Teeth Whitening Strips

Here is another strip whitening method for all the people who do not want to use gel or any devices.

You can notice the results after only 5 times of using it, which a remarkable achievement.The package comes with strips which will last you for exact 5 usages. If you want to keep your teeth sparkle, you can repeat the procedure every 6 months. One good thing here is that you are getting perfect results on a reasonable price, as it is also super easy to use.


Ultimate Smile Professional At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit For Two

You can now achieve that bright white smile and easily be mistaken for a celebrity with this kit.

The set also includes a LED light for better results. It is used to speed up the whitening process, as you run over the teeth with it. This kit is perfect for people who want harmless treatment and fast results.


Crest Whitestrips Supreme Professional Strength 84 strips

Last on the list is one product that takes all the credits and grabs the gold for popularity and efficacy. We strongly believe that this is one great investment your health and beauty. Pain, burning sensation or any unpleasant feeling is unknown thing here.

This product is the cherry on the cake. The company is known to be the best one in this sphere with their top quality professional products, which will take care of the situation no matter what.