The Best Quadcopters With Camera And GPS [UPDATED] Recommendations for 2021

quadcopters with camera and gps

The quadcopters or so called drones are very popular toys, gadgets or hobby thing nowadays, but there is more fun if they have more features like a camera to shoot some great landscape videos and photos and a GPS for programmable flying routes and the use of autopilot.

Things like these can make the drone one really fun to use gadget and give it a lot of functions that you probably won’t have.

So if you want to buy for yourself or for a present a quadcopter, but you really want it to have camera and GPS, we will present you some of the best options that can be found on the market. Just pick the one that suits the most to your taste, preferences and budget.

DJI Mavic Pro – GPS, Autopilot and 4K Camera

This model is the latest from the leading drone manufacturer DJI and as you can tell from the pictures – the smallest one. It is very compact, can even be folded and might fit in almost every pocket. Don’t be fooled by its small size, because this quadcopter has a lot of innovative features built-in.

For the most accurate positioning it uses GPS navigation systems. You won’t lose any signal at all. The quadcopter many sensors.

About the collision avoidance, the drone uses sensors that track every single direction for some obstacles so if they detect something in the front, they will redirect the quadcopter into another direction to avoid crashing.

With the great tracking system, you have various features for using an autopilot if you want to shoot some great pictures or video footage.

The item include:

  • auto return
  • follow me 
  • image-stabilization

About the camera, it is very small but capable one. It can shoot crystal clear photos and videos and you can control it with big precision.

On video recording mode, you can be sure that there won’t be any shakes or weird noises from the flying drone, because all of that is eliminated and even you can correct it more.

The camera can shoot up to 4K videos and that can be found in the most professional sports cameras. If you want to record 4K it will be with 30 frames per second.

The range of the drone is 7 kilometers or 4,3 miles, which is another great thing around this excellent product. This one is definitely worth the investment, especially if you need a quadcopter with these features and capabilities.

DJI Phantom 4 – GPS, 6 Autopilot Modes and 4k Camera

Another top drone with a lots of features from DJI. As you can expect the overall quality is superior and this is top range consumer and even professional gadget for fun, filming and photography.

The autopilot system, the positioning and tracking system and the camera works perfect and will help you in any situation.

About the tracking system, this drone can connect to 24 satellites for the best accuracy in the positioning. It uses both GPS and GLONASS for best results. The quadcopter is fully aware where it started flying from, where is it now and where it has to go. You can return it to the starting point, return it to home or make it fly to a designated point with the autopilot system. It is very intelligent so you can even see where the drone is on a map in real time.

Some other great features that comes with this quadcopter are:

  • the automatic avoidance of obstacles, thanks to the built-in vision sensors.
  • waypoint setting for the autopilot.
  • follow-me function that allows the drone to track you and fly over you.
  • points of interest that you can set for the drone to check out and much more.

The camera is very capable too and can shoot 4K video with up to 30 frames per second and 1080p at 120 frames, which is great if you want to shoot some slow motion videos. The lens of the camera is great and increases the focus and the sharpness of the image. For taking pictures, the camera can take images with resolution of 12 megapixels.

Yuneec Nabtus GPS, Autopilot and 4k Camera

This is the latest product from the big manufacturer Yuneec and it is great one. As you can expect the gadget comes with some great features like 4K capable camera, GPS and other great features.

In short, you get:

  • up to 33 mins flight time
  • 4k video camera
  • voice control
  • up to 72km/h in sport mode
  • instant social media posting
  • and more

The amazing 4k cameras is great too. It can go up to 1080p with image stabilization. There are three axes and videos up to 1080p area stabilizaed elictronically.

3DR SOLO – GPS, Autopilot and Camera

This drone is made with one main reason – to be able to make some professional photography from the air and to shoot videos with cinematographic quality.

The camera is sold separately but the gimbal is made specially for the GoPro Hero 3 and 4 which if used can deliver some great quality. This will allow you to capture some really smooth and stable videos and some vivid photos. The maximum video resolution is 4K but you can shoot 1080p if you prefer and about the photographs, the camera can shoot them with resolution of 12 megapixels.

This product is fully capable to fly alone, letting you to focus on the photography or the filming. The autopilot feature and its modes are great and very helpful.One of the modes is called cable cam, which allows you to send the drone to fly over a straight line for you to take the perfect shot.

Another autopilot mode is the orbit one, which allows you to set a waypoint for the drone to circle and take a wrap-around shot with camera locked on the designated subject or object. You have a selfie mode which is pretty cool and with it the drone is lower to the ground with camera pointed at you and when you press the button it starts shooting and flying upwards and after a while returns, so you can pick the best shots of you from lower or above.

The follow mode is another great autopilot feature which as you can expect will make the drone follow you from the air.

And a lot more.