The Best Remote Control Cars For Kids | Recommendations for 2020

best rc cars

As a kid, everyone dreamt to receive a remote control car as a gift for Christmas or for their birthday. Just because the years go by and generations change, this does not mean kids don’t want to play with toys.

A remote car is a great way to combine the technology of the modern world and the good old days.

Another advantage is that you can spend some quality time with your kid outside, as we all know that this is a huge problem nowadays.

We are all children by hearts and one remote car for your kid can bring you some good old memories and even make some new.

Here is a list of some of the best remote control cars on the market that will worth the spent money.


Foxx S911 Monster Truck Electric RC Car by Hosim

This next product is more of an advanced model, that’s why the age range here is higher- your kid should be 14 years old to use it.

The speed is also bigger- up to 33mph, but with better reflexes.

The motor is GP Brush 390 which is a very efficient and powerful.

Some of the features of this model are the S-truch suspension system and technology, rear wheel drive system, ball bearings and steering servos. All of this technologies and techniques provide better balance, higher performance, handling and stability. Sponge inserts are used for the rubber tires.

The remote distance here is also wider- up to 260ft , which is perfect if you want to compete with other users.


  • This model can help your teen concentrate more, also they will use more creativity, as they get used to solve many problems


Lamborghini Veneno Remote Control Car by RW

This remote car is made for kids that have already turned 8.

Lambo came up with their Veneno model in 2013, taking the record of being the most expensive car in the world. Now, you can have a great 1/24 scale replica of this beautiful car that can be controlled by your kid.

The design of this remote car is identical to the original one, making it a perfect small version. This model can speed up to 10mph, as its detected range is up to 40 meters.

The car can only be used on flat and smooth surfaces, because it has a low ground clearance.



  • It has a sleek design, which is very similar to the real Vaneno
  • It is perfect for outdoor and indoor activities
  • It can help your kid work on its imagination, hand- eye coordination and role- playing ability


Ferrari LaFerrari Radio Control Model Car by RASTAR

Here is another model that is a great replica of one emblematic car- Ferrari.

The required age to use this product is to minimum 8 years old. Your kid will fall in love with this model, if it is fan of prancing horse.

The controller has amazing ergonomic design- it is a copy of the Ferrari’s wheel.

This toy features some of the functions of the real Ferrari. The butterfly doors are unique and have the same system as the scissor- type doors. There is all-independent spring system included, as well as suspension features and a lot of lights.

The model can speed up to 10mph and the remote distance can get up to 30 ft.



  • It is well- made replica with the same design as the real car
  • This model can help your kid use more imagination and have more passion



Newer 2.4 Hz Rock Clawler Radio Control Racing Cars by Babrit

Next in our list is a remote car that can be used by kids who already turned 8, have interest in off-road cars and have the skill to control them easily.

For better traction, the model has rubber tires that are supplied with deep trends, which make this product perfect for any hardcore terrain like pavement, dunes, rocky paths and sandy beaches. The amazing traction and contact with the ground is possible thank to the independent suspension system that every wheel has.

The electronics that are placed in the body of the crawler are protected with shock proofing technology.

This car can run on steep grades that are up to 90 degrees, because of the powerful engine that propel the crawler.



  • This is an off-road monster model
  • Your kid will be more than satisfied
  • This product can provide better hand- eye coordination and expand the imagination of your child


SYMA’s X9 Flying Quadcopter Remote Control Car and Quadcopter Drone

This is very unusual remote control car.

Now, everything is possible with this one. If you cannot pass difficult terrain, you can just fly over it.

This is one amazing feature and huge benefit, which not many other remote control has. This model’s wheels are supported by 4 extension rods, as the wheels are equipped with rotor blades that are able to lift the X9.

The model is great for both beginners and advanced car and drone lovers, thanks to the included level modes. The ability to drive and fly is a remarkable achievement. Another ability here is the 360-degree flip.



  • It is a great combo of remote control car and a drone
  • Plenty of options and features
  • Enhancing your child’s hand-eye coordination and boost its imagination


My Easy RC Vehicle by Fisher-Price

This model proved that remote control cars can be used from kindergartners as well, because the age range here is from 3 to 6 years.

Now you don’t have to bereave your kid from experiencing what it’s like to control a car with a remote.

The design is specially made for toddlers, but it has been modeled after an F1 racer. There is no chance for your kid to get hurt, as there are no sharp edges or components that can bring unpleasant aftermath.

For the ease of usage, the controller comes in blue color and four directional arrows.



  • Suitable for toddlers
  • It develops their creativity, imagination and help them boost their hand-eye coordination


HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister Multifunctional Rechargable RC car by Haktoys

Last, but not least is our final suggestion perfect for kids that have already turned 3.

This is one of the top choices for young children on the market, because of its unique features and technology.

The 3-point axle system offers your kid amazing experience, even if your child has no idea how to control the car. This system will ease the situation when the car turns over.

Now you don’t have to run after the car and follow it just to prevent a roll-over. The system will flip the car by itself.

Variety of LED effects are included.

The battery life in other hand is very modest, as you can play with it only for 15 minutes, then you have to charge it for 2 hours.



  • It will stimulate your toddler’s brain activity
  • It will boost their creativity and help them develop new skills, as they use more imagination
  • Variety of LED light shows and amazing features


  • The battery life won’t last for longer than 15 minutes