The Best Sandwich Makers – Top Product Recommendations for 2020

sandwich makers

What can make the morning great than a cup of coffee?

Well, a nice, fresh and hot sandwich or a panini, made on the sandwich maker. These little kitchen gadgets are very popular and more families use them to make a memorable breakfast – melty and crispy sandwiches.

One high quality sandwich maker can change the morning routine of everyone, not just the housewives.

The modern ones are very functional than these you might remember from the past decade.

The new models combine many features for a nice breakfast preparation and can save you a lot of time, which you might not have if you have to go to work. Quick results, no matter if you are looking to spend less money for a smaller device or more money for a bigger one. ‘Which one is for me?’ you will ask.

Well, take a look at the list and consider what you need.

Comfortable handles, floating lid, removable grill plates that are easy to clean and drip tray – these are few of the features, provided by the sandwich makers.


Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

This one grabbed our top place and let us tell you why!

This multifunctional sandwich maker is something that every household needs, especially if every morning in it is hectic.

It will let you prepare delicious breakfast for no more than a few minutes.

It comes with several cooking layers – one for eggs, one for cheese, one for bread and one for meat.

It is that made that at the first layer which is the bottom one you have to place the bread. Then comes the meat, on the third layer you put the cheese, then the eggs on the next one. The final layer is as you can guess, for another bread slice.

One of these rich sandwiches is cooked in around five minutes and the best thing is you don’t have to do anything. Meanwhile you can do something else to save a lot of your time in the morning.The best thing about this sandwich maker is that you don’t have to follow the instructions and place these exact ingredients in the layers.

You can experiment and make whatever you like the most.About the eggs, this maker will cook them perfectly and the plate is non-sticky, so the cooked egg just slides out easily.

You can even use some fresh produce too, like muffins, bagels and even biscuits – all of them can fit the sandwich maker easily.You can even disassemble most of the maker to clean it in a dishwasher. Don’t worry about the non-sticky coating, because it is very durable and can’t be ruined that easy.


Hamilton Beach Panini Press Gourmet Sandwich Maker

For those who don’t want to spend a lot of money, but still need a quality sandwich maker – Hamilton Beach is made exactly for you.

The device makes thin or thick sandwiches and the floating lid is perfect for pressing sandwiches of any size.

You can store the device upright, which is perfect if you don’t have place on the counter top. It also has preheat (and power) lights, which makes it pretty convenient. Plus, the grids are nonstick and the grill marks are easy to made, thanks to the lid, which presses the sandwiches just perfect.

Let’s consider the pros:

Well, in this category belongs the floating lid, the perfect grill marks and the fact that you can make any thickness sandwiches.

The cons – there is no on/off switch and drip tray is not included. Besides, the device is not perfect for burgers and steak.


Cuisinart GR-11 Griddler 3-in-1 Grill and Panini Press

Not only you can make perfect and delicious sandwiches, but also paninis, grill sandwiches, breads and quesadillas.

Isn’t this fantastic?

Just choose the ingredients you want, put them between two slices of bread and voilla. You can use every type of breat, but (of course) the most delicious sandwiches are produced with freshly baked bread.

The grid plates are two types – lower and upper. Both of them are easy to remove and nonstick. Also, the product comes with a drip tray and a floating hinge – which means you can make sandwiches of any thickness. Other features are: the indicator lights, the adjustable front feet and the plate release buttons.

Any device has pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the pros:

  • The plates are upper and lower – easy to remove and easy to clean, because they are nonstick
  • The device has integrated drip tray
  • The machine can be used not only for making ordinary sandwiches, but also for more complicated and delicious ones

On the other hand are the cons:

  • The device doesn’t have temperature control
  • It isn’t very big
  • Doesn’t have an on/off switch


Proctor Silex Sandwich Toaster

This device is small and you won’t need much space – it’s actually pint-sized.

The toaster is just perfect for small dorm rooms and apartments.

It makes sandwiches fast and with no effort on your side. It’s grids are nonstick, so you will clean it easy and quickly. Also, the device comes with power on and preheat lights, which means that you will be able to keep track of the progress. It can be stored upright and can make even omelets and French toast. What more can one need, right?

What about the pros? Let’s see them:

  • It’s size is very compact and space-friendly
  • The machine comes with preheat lights and power on
  • It’s cheap.

The cons are:

  • You can’t remove the grill plates and there is no drip tray
  • It is not suitable with larger slices of bread.


T-fal EZ Clean Sandwich and Waffle Maker

This is another great and convenient sandwich maker with nice removable plates.This feature is very nice, because the other traditional makers are hard to clean by hand because the plates are attached to the whole body and this is a big hassle. There is also the risk of water getting into the electronics which can damage the whole item and can risk your safety.

This is the main reason that this sandwich maker with its removable plates is so good.Once you are finished cooking just remove the plates from the body and wash them on hand or in the dishwasher.

Another nice feature is that this gadget can be used as a both sandwich maker and a waffle maker which is very versatile.

The plates can make crispy and brown waffles and sandwiches with filling of your taste.The device has indicating lights for the functions ON and OFF and also when it is ready to cook.

Please have in mind that the release parts for the removable plates are sticking out and can be hot while you are cooking, so don’t touch them.


Proctor-Silex Sandwich Maker

This is one very compact and cute sandwich maker that will do perfect job for making some traditional square and triangle sandwiches with filling of your choice.

The main thing about this device is that it is really small and can be fitted almost everywhere and be stored without a problem. Because it is smaller on size, this sandwich maker cooks faster than others with regular size.

It also heats up real fast, which is great if you don’t have much time in the morning.

The cleaning of this device is really easy and intuitive. The plates are flat so the chance of food stuck on them is almost zero. They are with non-stick coating. The two plates lock securely onto another and can compress the bread very well, just don’t stick a lot of stuff between the bread slices, because you might not be able to close the maker.

The exterior of the device is pretty good-looking with stylish finish with chrome elements, so it will look great in every kitchen.

Have in mind that it is best suitable for bread, so don’t try to put bagels or muffins inside of it.


Cuisinart Sandwich Grill

Traditional sandwich maker that will help you to make some delicious breakfast, no matter if it is grilled or toasted.The best feature in this device is the rare built-in grill function and it can make not one, but two sandwiches at the same time. This maker is able to cook for you even French toast or even eggs in an omelet and you won’t have any problem.

The led locks nicely to the main body and is not letting anything to escape, even the heat. This will guarantee you perfectly baked sandwiches.There are raised ridges around every plate that will make sure the ingredients like eggs or cheese won’t ooze out.

The plates are covered with non-sticky coating. The bad thing is that they cannot be removed for easy washing, but you can clean them with just some paper towels.

If you like sandwiches, no matter if it’s going to be for breakfast or dinner, and want to make them without any hassle, this sandwich maker will be a good choice.