The Best Scuba Masks for Diving | Recommendations for 2020

best sea scuba masks


If you want to have an amazing experience underwater, no matter if you are diving or snorkeling, being on a vacancy or doing your job, the right scuba mask can make a huge difference.

The thing you will definitely want to avoid is a foggy or leaky mask. We are sure that you want a reliable gear, which is yours and you can rely on in every situation. You can leave all of your concerns in the past, as we made a list that will save you from unpleasant surprises.

Here is our list of the best scuba masks. They are all high quality and won’t give you up.


Tusa M1001 Freedom HD Scuba Mask

The size of that lens is remarkable. It gives you a huge amount of visible space and let you enjoy every second of your underwater adventure. The lens sits close to the face, which a great plus when it comes to scuba masks.

If you want to get mask with durable buckles, which can rotate, then this is your choice, as this one can rotate 180 degrees, without any problem.

We can assure you that this is one of the best masks on the market it is very comfortable, durable and has very cool looking design.

You can really feel the atmosphere with it. The nose pocket here is large enough to provide the required comfort.

This is one amazing mask that worth every spent dollar.


Cressi Panoramic Scuba Mask

Here is another eye opener model, which provides a peripheral vision, thanks to the wide view.

One extra lens can make a huge difference in your dive.

This mask is created and designed to use innovative manufacturing technology. It is also a model that fits great, thanks to the super strong polycarbonate frame.

One amazing product, which will change the way of viewing the surrounding world.

The price is more than satisfactory.

Cressi showed us once again who rules the market.


ScubaPro Solo Dive Mask

If you are in the diving sphere, you have definitely heard about ScubaPro. This company offers one of the best diving supplies on the market.

The performance of this mask is unbelievable. You are able to see everything clearly thanks to the tempered glass lenses.

If you do not want to fumble around while adjusting your mask underwater, then chose this mask with huge sized strap adjustment swivels.

This mask is a premium quality one and it won’t disappoint you.

We strongly believe that ScubaPro’s gear is what every serious diver needs.


Phantom Aquatics Panoramic Snorkeling Dive Mask

High price does not always mean high quality.

There are still many products on the market on a reasonable price, which can give you a great performance.

This mask is not an exception.

If are on a budget but you still want to enjoy your stay underwater and see the surroundings, then this panoramic style mask is what you have been looking for. The 3 window design is simple, yet effective, as it is made of tempered glass. The durability department and peripheral vision are guaranteed.

In order to keeps out leaks and an even seal around the skirt, the mask includes split strap design. The buckle system here is also impressive, as it flexes with facial movement and it is easy to maintain.

We included this mask, as it is one amazing product for this modest price and it is one of the least foggy masks on a budget.



Mares I3 Sunrise Panoramic Scuba Mask

This is one company that really fast gained the trust of the public and deservedly took one of the leading spots in the industry.

If you find it difficult to discover the right mask, just because you have a wider face. Forget about that, as this mask gives you an extra wide open feel and an even seal, thanks to the the super soft silicone skirt.

You will get great peripheral vision in combination with quick adjust buckles on the strap.

If you want a product with great performance, which is also on a reasonable price, do not look further.


Cressi Big Eyes Scuba Mask

Here is another well-known brand.

We are sure that you have heard of that name, even if you are just in the beginning of your great underwater adventure.

The great visibility and extreme comfort are guaranteed here, thanks to the extra-large lenses and low volume design. No matter the sport- scuba, snorkeling or free diving, this product will be the greatest assistant.

If you want to know what is going on around you at every second and you are about to dive near reef, the inverted tear drop shaped lenses will suit your requirements just right.

This is one great intermediate mask that comes with a snorkel bundle set.


Atomic Aquatics Frameless Dive Mask

If you want your money to be well spent, this model is the perfect choice for this goal.

This mask is a low volume one, as it has a frameless design and wide optical range.

This is a professional looking gear that incorporates big button style strap adjustment and a smaller skirt for people who want nice fit for their faces.

The great design here is not an exception.

If you are just entering this new world, we do not think that this mask will be good for you, as it is a professional class one and might be a bit too expensive for you. In conclusion, this is really good mask to include in your scuba equipment.


Octomask GoPro Dive Mask

Maybe you will be a bit pessimistic when you take a look on this product.

But as soon as you start using it, you will realize that this is not another gimmick, but one actually pretty awesome mask.

You have plenty of options with this mask, as your hand are free during your whole dive session.

This mask incorporates nice build quality and visibility, which is a must when it comes to gear like this. If you are a fan of capturing your moments, then this is the right choice for you.

Recording videos has never been easier especially if you already have a GoPro camera.


Oceanic Mako Dive Mask

Our last suggestion here is one premium quality mask on a very good price.

It is very well built and has a low volume design, which provides a wide field of view, which is something rare for a non-panoramic mask.

This mask is a great combo of soft skirts and strong tempered glass lens. Oceanic Mako is one of the best seal masks on the market that minimizes any leaks when you keep the strap fairly loose.

Last, but not least, a nice touch here is the neoprene strap cover. The mask will arrive Comes with a hard shell protective case, which makes it perfect for travel/storage.

This will definitely be one of the few purchases that will leave you pleasantly surprised.