The Best Vocal Microphones [UPDATED] Product Recommendations for 2020

Vocal Microphones

Music has changed a lot, thanks to the vocal microphones. They increased the quality of the vocals and made the music pleasing to the ear.

The quality of the vocal microphone is playing a leading role.

No matter where you are, or who you are, we all want to enjoy our music in the best way possible. If you are an artist, a good set is a mist, it is game changing.

Clear and smooth vocals are very important.

We took some time for research, in order to find the best vocal microphones, which can be used by both professionals and beginners, in a studio, or at home.

We are happy to announce that we created a list with top five best on quality and price products, which will help you deliver your music to all of your fans out there.



Rode NTK

After our research, we can assure you that this is one of the best vocal microphones on the market. It can be used from home, or in semi- professional studios. It has all the features you will need, it is durable, but on the pricey side.

Many artists have been using it and still continue to do it. It gives you smooth and clear vocals, making everything perfectly combined. This model can be used for years, if you take a proper care for it, which is desirable, as it is one expensive product.

The NTK is equipped with class A circuitry, which has a high quality amp inside, a large 1″ gold-plated diaphragm. The model can pick up voices spanning from the BeeGee’s to Tom Waits, thanks to the wide frequency range.

The set comes in nice and resistant albeit plastic case, necessary XLR cables, and the kit contains a power supply. If you are a rapper, this microphone can also come in hand, as the clear sound will stay decent. The sound is amazing and the design charming.

We strongly believe that if you have the money, you should really invest them in Rode NTK. It won’t let you down.

Audio-Technica AT2035

This is one amazing product, which will be perfect for people on budget. For its modest price, it can give you a great quality sound.

This particular model is way better than the company most well-known USB AT2020 mic, just because it has a higher quality of the sound and it’s has a more trusted XLR connectivity. The SPL or Sound Pressure Level of the cardioid large diaphragm condenser mic is unbelievable and it remains crisp and smooth sound, even if there is a loud noise.

In our opinion, this is the best mic on the low price range. The mic also has a nifty 80 Hz high-pass filter that you can switch on whenever you want.

You won’t get any dramatic frequencies or washy effects, only nice flat response with true sound. The model can record any acoustic guitar or string instrument without problems. If this model does not satisfy you needs, keep scrolling, we have some more suggestions for you.

Neumann TLM-102

Some people might think that this product is little overpriced, but we can assure you that it worth every penny. It provides a sound, that will surprise even professionals in the sphere of music. This is one of the best microphones on the market and it is the perfect investment, even after seeing the price tag.

It polishes the sound, as it manipulates the vocals with a slight presence boost above 6 kHz, but don’t worry, this does not change the sound completely. You can even record drums with TLM, as it has a high SPL or 144dB, as it will capture every frequency. This is one idea better than the Rode NTK. It costs more than it, but the overall quality cannot be denied.

This is one amazing product, which will bring you joy and perfect quality of the sound.


Blue Microphones Bluebird

When you see this mic and try it out, you will definitely feel the vintage vibe. Many people are choosing Blue Microphones and we can totally see why.

When you think about condenser mics, first to mind will come the Bluebird. The vintage vibe can be noticed in the way the mic delivers the sound, it is just like we are in the 50s.

As the NTK, this model also has a Class A amp and wide frequency range, but also a cardioid polar pattern. The set comes in a wooden case with a pop and shock mount filters. This will save you some money, just because buying those accessories separately may break your bank.

Another great option of the company is the Spark if you want to step your game up. Many pod-casters find it useful, but artist stick with the Bluebird.

If you want something better than the Audio-Technica, this is the right choice.

But don’t forget that it is not on the level of the TLM or NTK. This product is somewhere in the middle, but it will still give you a great audio quality, in combination with clear sound and smooth vocals.

Shure SM-27-SC

Last, but not least is another well-known model. The brand is popular with its SM57 and SM58 models but this condenser mic will give you that clarity and overall sound quality. This model contains all the necessities – flat neutral frequency response in combination with low-frequency response filter, which will let you use the mic even on stage and live performances, as you can switch it one whenever you like.

This model is in the middle when it comes to quality, as it is better than the Bluebird, but one step down from NTK. The SM-27-SC can be used not only for recording vocals. It can be used to deliver sounds from drums, guitars and many other instruments.

It has a wide range of usage, making it practical, with a guarantee of a trustworthy product.