The Best Waterproof Bicycle Covers – 2021

Bicycle covers

If you have a bicycle and love to ride it around. Whether you use it for work, for fun or for quick drive around the neighborhood, a bicycle is great for quick transportation.

Bicycles have many pros, but one of the cons is that they can not be used in bad weather conditions -such as snow, ice or rain.

So if you love to ride your bike, and there are bad weather conditions, you should store it for a while. When storing a bicycle you need to make sure that is properly done, so you can easily bring it back out and drive and have fun.

If you want to store your bicycle in your garage or similar room, you have to protect it from moisture and dust, and you can easily do that with a good bicycle cover. Bicycle covers are made to help protect the bicycle and store it for longer periods. They can protect it from sun,wind, moisture and more.

We have here some of the best options for bicycle covers on the market.

TeamObsedian Bicycle Cover

This bicycle cover is one of the best options on the market. If you wish to cover your bike to protect it from weather conditions or simply to keep it looking fresh and not gathering all the dust in your garage. If you plan to have your bike in a storage room for few months – during the winter for example, when most people tend to not use bicycles as the weather conditions simply do not allow is as much, this is a perfect choice.

The cover is rainproof, anti UV and with PU coating. Sturdy and protective cover for bicycles. The cover fits many different types of bikes – city, road, mountain and others.

It is easy to use, simply cover the bicycle and use the straps and central buckle to secure it tightly. You can also be easily removed from the bike, when you want to use it.

This cover offers durability and affordability- a perfect choice for bicycle cover.

ATG Bike Cover

This cover can help you protect your bike from sun, dust, wind and more. It is wonderful choice if you are looking for affordable bicycle cover.

It can cover the bike and protect from different harmful to the bike substances.

The cover is slim, but quite durable, you can use it for long time. If you plan to cover your bike and store it in your garage for the winter season, you can use the cover to keep it dry and safe.

It is made with 190T nylon and offer support and good cover.

The cover can fit bicycles max at 26″ and no more than 1.7m long. It also comes with a storage bag, so you can fold it and keep it safe when not in use.

Pro Bike Cover

The cover is made with durable, Oxford Fabric. It is great choice if you wish to cover your bike while not in use. You can protect it from dust and other harmful substances, which mind damage the bike surface and paint.

You can protect your bike from snow, ice and more. The material is waterproof and anti-UV , which makes it a great option to consider if you want to protect your bike when in storage.

It has front-lock hole design, adjustable buckle strap and toggle and elasticated wheel fit.

You can easily remove the cover from the bike, when you want to use it again.

Buyer Guide

Cover Size

The size of the cover is one of the most important factors. It has to fit your bicycle. Otherwise you simply won’t be able to use it. So before purchasing bicycle cover, make sure to take some measurements of your bicycle and make sure to check the overall size of the bike, start from end to end and from top to bottom, measure the width , height and depth of the bicycle.

You can check out some YouTube videos if you are not sure how to measure it. Then make sure that you check out the cover fit size, so that your bicycle can fit inside of the cover securely. This way it can protect it from the harmful dust.


Most covers are made with synthetic materials, they are more or less durable, and offer good protection. Depending on the specific type and price of the cover you can purchase pretty high quality bicycle cover for quite an affordable price. Just make sure to check out the materials before purchasing.


Most of the bicycle covers are quite affordable, just make sure not the purchase the cheapest ones. As they won’t offer durability and that much protection for your bicycle.