The Best Weighted Arm Sleeves Recommendations for 2020

training with weighted sleeves

There is a new addition to the weighted workout clothing that is gaining a huge popularity.

Weighted arm sleeves are made for resistance while you are working out, as they improve the strength and speed of your core, back, arms, chest and shoulders.

Many sports enthusiasts, even athletes are using such sleeves in order to make longer workouts.

Even though the market offers hundreds of models, this does not mean they all work the same way and have the same quality. That’s why we made this article, as we listed some of the best models you can find in Amazon.

Those are out top suggestions.



Our first selection is a pair of weighted sleeves that can be used as ankle weights as well.

Because the weights are short, this model fits like a cuff.

The good thing here is that you can choose the weight of the sleeves.

Those sleeves are great, as they barely move while you use them, thanks to their fit is snugly fit. This model fits every size, as the sleeves include adjustable D-rings.

One disadvantage here is that you cannot wear the sleeves under clothes, because they are paddled and add extra bulk. You can use them no matter what is the level of your activity they can handle even the toughest workouts. This is a sleeve great for every person that wants to have weight sleeves, which will guarantee for its durability and comfort.


  • Perfect for any level of physical activity
  • One size fits all


  • You cannot wear it under clothes due to the fact that the sleeves are paddled



Next on the list is one very flexible suggestion that attracted a lot of attention as a weighted clothing on the market.

This model is perfect for both hands and legs, as you can put it on every part of them.

After you purchase the weight sleeves, they will come in user-friendly, handy portable case for max convenience.

You can put the sleeves on go workout outside, because this model is made of reflective material.

Those sleeves are made from neoprene in combination with reinforced stitching, that makes the product sturdy and with high quality.

One wonderful point we want to mention here is that the product has a year guarantee period. Your money will be well spent with this model.


  • Very convenient model with plenty of options for usage
  • Tight fit
  • Very durable design
  • The product has one-year warranty


  • Some people may find the weight way too modest as you can choose between 1lb 2lb and 3lb models



This is an adjustable product that can customize its weight – from one to one and a half pounds.

The extra slim design offers you the chance to wear the sleeves under your workout gear. This sleeve will give you a lot of comfort, because the weight is covered by the snug design.

The Velcro used for the closure on the sleeve, makes this model suitable for everyone. You can lighter the weight of the sleeve to minimum, but if you do it, you must be aware that the model cannot be washed in the machine and you have to do it on your own.

Even if you are doing the hardest workouts, the weight will remain its position.


  • One amazing product perfect for outside activities, as well as usage on a daily basis;
  • Slim design that offers a lot of comfort;
  • One size fits all.


  • Not machine washable.



Here is another great suggestion that can be used on your ankles too while you are training for legs. Your pair of weighted sleeves will arrive in a black pouch that is perfect when you need to take the product with you.

Thanks to the adjustable strap that secures in combination with Velcro, makes the model ideal for every costumer.

You won’t be able to manipulate the weights in the sleeve, because they are already sewn with the sleeve.

Unfortunately, you cannot wear this sleeve under your clothes, because it is way too paddled, but the advantage here is the ultra-comfort it provides when you are doing any physical activity.

This will be a great investment for people who require a sleeve that will help them do a quality workout, keep their tone and stay in nice shape.


  • Perfect for both legs and hands
  • Comes in portable pouch
  • Comfortable


  • You can’t wear this under your clothes
  • You can’t manipulate the weight of the sleeves



This is a sleeve kit that is available in many variations of weights – from one to five pound for each. This is a great advantage if you want to focus and choose different set of pounds.

When you exercise, you will constantly feel the comfort of the sand filled sleeve, which will extend your workout.

The sleeve can be worn all day without a problem, thanks to the Velcro that fastens the adjustable strap and the soft materials used for its production. Another superb advantage here is that you don’t have to worry about the right size, as there is only one that will fit everybody.

This sleeve also prevents the show of sweat, because of the moisture absorbent material lined on every sleeve.

You won’t be able to manipulate the weights in the sleeve, which means that you won’t be able to wash it in the machine.


  • It can be worn on the ankle as well
  • Very soft and comfortable
  • One size fits all


  • Not machine washable
  • You cannot manipulate the weights

Buyer Guide

The main material of the arm sleeve is very important – after all it has to be soft against the skin and of course able to wick away your sweat. Search for something that is breathable, especially if the desired sleeve is large and covers a lot of your arm. The materials also have to be durable and tough
enough to withstand everyday use and hazards. Make sure that the materials can hold the amount of weight you want to use without any strain, because this might be an issue if you want to add some extra weight to a smaller sleeve.

Take into consideration the fastener as well, because you want the sleeve to stay securely attached to your arm once you add the weights. The most commonly used fastener is Velcro because it is secure enough and allow great adjustability. Buckle fasteners are another option, but they are not ideal because you will have to use one of the pre-created holes and the fit just cannot be that good as with the Velcro.

Depending on the model the weighted arm sleeves can be with either a set or with adjustable weight limit. Most of the smaller sleeves will have set weight limits. The larger ones that hold more weight can be with set or adjustable weight limit. The most common types of weights are metal plates and small bags full with sand. Therefore if the weight is adjustable you will be able to add or remove plates.

Some materials like neoprene and another smooth fabrics are easier to clean and they wick sweat away. Sleeves that are made of cloth will wick the sweat away too, however they are harder to keep clean and might start to stink if you do not wash them regularly. The great thing is that most of the
wrist and arm sleeves can be indeed thrown in the washing machine, however before doing that check the tag for some specific instructions and do not forget to remove the weights.