The Loudest Portable Speakers – Reviews and Recommendations for 2018

portable Bluetooth speakers

The music can totally change the atmosphere no matter where you are at.

At parties is important to play the right songs loud so that everyone can hear and enjoy it.

But sometimes, it is really hard to find a Bluetooth speaker that can provide the required sound when you are big company. We got your back. Here is a list of the loudest Bluetooth speakers on the market that will definitely give you the needed bass and volume.

Those are the products that will make your music stand. No matter what your mood is and what you are listening to, the sound will be constant and boosted.

Our list includes speakers from the most affordable to the most extravagant. So there won’t be any excuses not to buy a powerful speaker.


This product makes a big throwback to the 80s boom boxes with its vintage design.

It has the typical handle on top which allows you to take is everywhere you want like a classic OG hip hop fan. Even though it looks like an outdated product, it can give you that loud sound you are looking for.

It is equipped with 2 bass ports, which will deliver you sturdy volume with full range, 2 woofers and 2 tweeters.

There might be some distortion when you hit the volume, because this is frequent problem when it comes to a low price range speaker.

Even though the audio quality is not as good as the pricey ones, the bass will definitely leave an impression and make the room go crazy with your selected music.

Another thing that makes the speaker looks like a boom box are the playback buttons for control which are placed right on top.

When the battery is fully charged, the speaker can play for around six hours, which is the standard duration for models at this price.

Nice feature included here is the ability to charge your phone through the USB port. The only disadvantage here is that you will need a wall adapter in order to do it.

This model comes in a nice package and it is no- frills speaker, which can get you pretty far. The price will satisfy people who want to listen their music in the loudest way possible.


Next in our list is a product with a fame of a very loud Bluetooth gadget, with one little blemish- there is a bit of noise in the background if you focus and listen closely.

The speaker has 2 woofers, 2 tweeters and 2 passive radiators, which will give you a signal when the volume hits the limit and make it pump.

The three distinct EQ modes are one of the most original features included in the model. As every normal speaker, this one has a standard audio mode, but that’s not all – you can pump that party mode and make the music even louder with more bass. The sound becomes more omnidirectional, because of the featured surround sound mode.

The product is simple to operate with and the options are easier that you thought. The toggle between the three is effortless.

You can choose how to recharge it- via USB or wall charger, but you should consider that the USB option takes more time. The USB can be used to charge your phone directly from the speaker.

A benefit here is the long lasting battery– whole 10 hours, which should be enough to enjoy your tunes all day long.

The design is simple and it is easy to blend everywhere it goes.


This product can offer you clean sound in combination with hard bass and massive volume, as it also has a charming design.

The speaker is able to put out a full sound, thanks to the 2 tweeters, 2 drivers and 3 passive radiators installed in the device. For the average listener, the quality is just fine, even though some may find that the sound is not so clean like some of the high price range Bluetooth speakers.

The product is reliable, as it is also waterproof, but not fully resistant, so you don’t have to worry if you are at a party and someone spills a drink on it.

You can still easily charge your phone as you use the USB port on the back of the product. If you are willing to spend on more than just one 3XL, you will be able to deliver a consistent sound, which can fill on big room.

One fun thing here is the name of the product, which can make you and your friends laugh if they ask you what is it called while you listen to your favorite tunes together.


This model is perfect for parties, as it can deliver you the ideal sound with hard bass. The product is made by the American high- end lifestyle product company Brookstone.

The model is hefty and it includes four full range speakers situated on each side. This product can scatter the music in every direction once it is ON.

The design looks amazing. It is made of a matte finish with blue lights which glow as you start it. You can choose how much to boost the bass and treble, making it perfect for every requirement.

As every product, there are some disadvantages and the main one is that the battery does not last longer than 4 hours, which is not a plus if you use it for a party.

No matter what many people say, we think that this model is amazing and gives you the sound you need, as you get if for a reasonable price.


Even though this product may seem to be very peddling, it has 80dB put in it, which make it “unbelievably loud” for its modest size.

Many people compare it to a shot glass, but don’t be fooled by the parameters- 61 x 50mm, it has a lot of potential and it will surely leave you surprised.

You may notice some distortion when you play your music a bit louder, but the quality of the sound will stay consistent.

If you are fan of the hard bass, all you have to do is to twist up the bass Xpansion. The product is on a reasonable price, making it the perfect portable speaker for people with low budget.

The other features included in the product are the ten-foot Bluetooth range and a six-hour battery life.

If you need a speaker that can make a large place go wild, you won’t be able to do it with just one of the minies, but if you are willing to spend some more for a few of these, it will do the job just fine and fill that space with music.

The product is perfect for small outdoor meeting or parties with small company. We think that this mini speaker is the best choice for people who are looking for something good on a budget.