The Most Effective Roach Killing Products [UPDATED] Top Products for 2018

roach killing products

Cockroaches, roaches or whatever you wish to call these annoying and so popular pests can be a total hell.

Almost every household have or had a problem with cockroaches. After all they are pretty common and very unpleasant to deal with, but what can we do – they are everywhere. Only people that dealt with these nasty creatures know how hard to kill are they and how many efforts are needed to clean the house from them.

Dealing with roaches is an agenda task that probably all of you have tried and combat for, but you need to use truly effective roach killing products to achieve your missions.

Because of that many manufacturers make all kinds of innovative products that they advertise as the ultimate cockroach killers. From sprays, liquid substances, sterilizers to poison traps and baits – how to know what to choose and which of the many products on the market will do the job?

Well, don’t worry, because we are going to help you in the fight against the cockroaches by presenting you the best killers that you can currently find on the market. Just pick the one that you like the most and start killing these rascals

Here are the top goods to buy for the purpose with their main specifications, pros and cons to take under consideration:

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait

Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait is definitely one of the most used product.

No matter how popular or expensive other roach killers are, this one seems to be accepted as a really reliable and good alternative for domestic purpose. As the name suggests, this is a cockroach bait with poisonous active ingredient called Indoxacarb. It attracts the insects and as you can guess – kill them afterwards.

However, the manufacturers behind Advion Syngenta Cockroach Gel Bait say that you can also use it in your commercial space, too. Just make sure to get more packs, because there are 4 tubes in a pack and 1 tube is usually enough for a room (including the second application of the product and the prophylaxis period for it).

The gel in every syringe would be enough to kill a lot of cockroaches. So with only a couple of dozes you can cover the whole house. You can dose the gel by yourself, but keep in mind that one to three drops from the syringe is enough for a house with normal infestation. If the cockroaches are a lot, to be sure you can put up to five drops. You can be sure that the chemical will kill every kind of insects. You can expect results in about a week.

When you clean the house from the cockroaches, you can use these baits to maintain cockroach-free place. Just put some dozes around your rooms three or four times per year or once a season. Just don’t forget to store the product at hidden from kids or pets place, because it can be harmful. Although it should be pet safe when used as directed we’d advice you keeping it in areas where your pet wont be able to get to the gel spots. Don’t place it around foods too.

Pros: Easy to be applied with no nasty smell. Good price, compact and suitable for prophylaxis.

Cons: Dangerous for your pet and not suitable for areas where you will lately store your food without disinfection of the perimeter afterwards.

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel

Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel contains 60 grams of gel you can apply all over your apartment for the first battle with the roaches. This is cockroach killing gel with great price and effectiveness. The manufacturer recommends to change the gel every month for the best effect. Don’t worry if the gel dries after applying, because it works. Attention: if the invasion has been for a long time, you might need another course of the treatment.

Pros: Combat Source Kill Max Roach Killing Gel is very affordable and it works fast and for long period of time.

Cons: Not enough for big living or commercial space, as well as not enough to combat the roaches from the first time after its application.

Invict Gold Cockroach

Invict Gold Cockroach is a German gel that has 4 tubes in a pack. The manufacturer behind this product is well-known and with good reputation on the insecticide market, so you can have trust in it.

It contains the popular Imidacloprid 2.15% chemical substance, which is very common for the pest control market in general. As a matter of fact the German manufacturer of this product is widely popular in pest management industry, which is why many Germans rely on this product, even though there are much faster alternatives specifically for roaches.

For safety and caution features, you should read carefully the box of the product before the first use and store it away from children’s reach.

Pros: This product is easy to be applied all over the property. You can use it in any space. It is one of the most reliable and popular roach products ever.

Cons: The price is not very low and the instructions are sometimes, only in German.


Combat Roach Bait Station

These cockroach baits will help you not only to get rid of the nasty roaches, but with other bugs and insects as well. Inside the package you will get eight bait that are designed in a special way that will provide great results up to 12 month.

In a nutshell, you should unpack them and place however you need at the places you want and wait for the results. Just keep in mind that it is not necessary to use all of the bait stations at one – this depends on how large is the place and how big is the infestation.

If you place the stations well enough, you will see the results after a day or two.

Pros: great and effective way to kill roaches and great protection time frame

Cons: Best suitable for small roaches and needs to be kept outside of reach of pets and children

Black Flag Roach Motel Insect Traps

One great product that has a nice theme.  In the package you will get twelve traps and the lifetime of each one is four months, which make this a great long-term investment. The best thing about these traps is that the dead cockroaches kind of “disappear” so you won’t have to see their bodies which can be very disgusting for some people.

This “motel” welcomes cockroaches and other bugs and insects like spiders, beetles and even scorpions. The way they are working is simple – the roaches are attracted to the chemicals inside the trap and when they enter it then can’t go out. You might think that this system is not effective, but believe us – it is and it works pretty good.

Keep in mind that these traps might be kind of small for a bigger types of cockroaches. Another thing is that it might take some time before the trapped roaches die, which can be annoying if you want to kill them faster to get rid of them as soon as possible. But after all, this product is effective and you can try it by yourself to see.

Pros: Does the job well and it keeps the house clean without making a mess and is a really cheap.

Cons: Might need more time for the insects to be killed and is not suitable for some of the more big scaled roaches.

Harris Roach Tablets

Harris Roach Tablets are some of the oldest roach killing products. It has been on the market for more than 8 decades. The easy application – tablet is placed among the most risky areas like the sink, the toilet pipes, the tube and etc, – and wait to see the effect only in few days. There are 50 tablets in each pack, so you can use it for large premises and even in warehouses, too.

Pros: Affordable with zero risk either for pets, or for human beings. Harris Roach Tablets work very fast and you can leave the tablets pretty much anywhere you want.

Cons: Not very attractive as to the part that cockroaches die among your living or commercial area, so you need to remove them lately for full disinfection and safety.

Vendetta Roach Gel Bait

Vendetta Roach Gel Bait contains the powerful Abamectin B1 element, which is one of the most efficient agents against tough pest invasion at home. This element is also very strong and effective against mites. However, it is also toxic, so you need to be very careful when you are applying it in places, where small kids and pets live. Be sure to disinfect the area after applying it finely. Still it is a very fast solution against roaches.

Pros: Enough for a month, which means you can use it for additional prophylaxis, too. Very suitable for properties with cockroaches that come out of hard to be reached placed.

Cons: Harmful for humans and animals. Sometimes, it can cause irritation, when applied only.


Gentrol Point Source

Gentrol Point Source is well-known for its ability to stop roach`s reproduction, which is the worst problem in roach combat, because we all know how fast their reproduction is. The product is a plastic you stick on the most risky areas and you can keep it up for half a year, if it is stuck well enough to remain on the surface. In most cases,  an additional spray to eliminate roaches could be of some help, while the plaster does its job to prevent new roaches appearing on surface.

Pros: the plaster is very safe for any area and you can place it even in food storage areas.

Cons: you need to combine Gentrol Point Source IGR with another roach killer in order to kill the currently reproduced roaches. Also, the product is not very easy to be found and often, it gets out of stock, which is not very pleasant, indeed.