Top Adjustable Laptop Desks for 2021 – Recommendations and Buyer Guide

Best adjustable laptop desks

Laptops are quite popular nowadays, years ago they were slow and heating up a lot, and many people would just prefer the PC. But nowadays they are one of the most preferred device for internet, photo and video editing and even gaming. With many advances in technology such as better cooling, better smaller CPUs and more, laptops are quite capable of doing similar work as the home computer.

So if you are one of the people that often use laptops, you know that the one thing they lack sometimes is the comfort. Even though they are quite easy to take with you, it is hard to find a comfortable place to work and use them to do your work.

So why not get a good adjustable laptop desk, that is lightweight, portable and you can adjust the position so it can fit you and you can do your work with ease?

Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Desk

This is an affordable option if you are often using the laptop. It is quite portable – its tray is made of aluminum and is quite sturdy too.
The desk is adjustable – you can set the position and angle of the laptop that is most suitable and comfortable for you to work on it.
The desk can rotate 360 degrees and lock in place to find the best position.

It is quite portable – it can be quickly collapsed to carry it around – it is quite lightweight.
The desk comes with silent USB powered fans, so that they can cool your laptop, this way you can do heavier editing on the laptop or even play some games while waiting at the airport.

Seville Classics Laptop Desk

The Seville Classics laptop desk is another great adjustable option for a mobile desk on the go.
You can adjust its height from 20.5″ to 33″ manually and secure it with a twist knob. This way you can set your comfortable and perfect position for doing some work on the go.
There is a single-piece wooden desktop that can hold laptops with ease. It also has great finish and rounded angles.

It also has wheels to help it move around, for better portability and more comfort when using it.
It is made with steel frame -for durability and stability of the design, it is also easy to clean and maintain.
The item requires assembly, but all the tools are included in the package.

You can use it in the classroom, presentations, at home, at the office and many more.

Neetto Adjustable Laptop Desk

This laptop desk is multifunctional – you can use it in many places: in your house, at the office, in school to give presentations and many more.
It is an affordable desk, that offers comfort and durability.

Its height is adjustable from 9.4″ to 12.6″ for better comfort for your working time. There are two auto-lock buttons on each side, you can adjust the surface angle from zero to 30 which provides even more working comfort and options. This can be easily achieved with a lock button, simply pull it, adjust the angle and release it to lock.

The desk for laptops is lightweight, but also quite sturdy so you can work with comfort and not worrying if it’s gonna break.
It can also be folded for easier storage and carrying with you on the go.

Buyer Guide

Tray Size

One of the first things you need to look at is the tray size. This is key factor, as it would depend on whether you can comfortably use it for your laptop. First, it has to be big enough to fit your laptop, but also you can comfortably place your hands and maybe even an additional mouse.


The portability of the desktop stand is important, if you are going to use it on the go. If you are going to use it at your house, then it might not be such a factor. But if you want to carry it with you and do some work, when waiting for the bus or the train, or even on the train, then it has to be foldable, lightweight and small enough to carry it with you with ease.


Some desk offer simply height adjustability, some offer more like angle adjustments. So depending on the type of position you love to work, you should consider how much adjustability would you want to have.


Sturdy materials such as wood and steel, are the main components of most laptop desks. Sometimes manufacturers can prefer plastic, but it is not that sturdy. Make sure to check the built materials before you purchase a laptop desk.

Weight capacity

The weight capacity of the desk should support not only the laptop but even your hand and arm weight so that it won’t fall down or tilt when working. Then you can use it comfortably and without worrying about the weight of the laptop.
Most desks support laptops with ease, but just make sure the check on the supported weight as well.